Don’t Get Caught Without a Car Kit

Don’t Get Caught Without a Car Kit

Winter travel can be downright life-threatening. Every year drivers get stuck on the road during inclement weather, and the resulting chaos is stressful and sometimes fatal, particularly if you’re stuck in a remote location. Here are a few ways that car kit components can save your life.

1- The “S” Trifecta


Your car kit should include a scraper for ice, a snow brush, and a shovel. The scraper and snow brush will likely get regular use in cold climates, but a shovel can also be a useful aid if you get stuck and can’t access roadside assistance. This trifecta could keep you from a nasty accident from limited visibility.

2- Blanket


Keep a few blankets in the car in case you find yourself stranded outdoors without the proper attire or in the event that moisture gets to your clothing. Blankets in your car kit can keep you from potentially fatal hypothermia.

3- Glow Sticks


When changing a tire at night, you’ll want something to alert drivers to your vulnerable presence. Glow sticks can also be used as a signaling instrument to assist rescuers if you end up trapped.

There are additional items that you may want to keep in your kit in case of an emergency. Click here to learn more about battery replacement in San Diego.


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