Choosing a Golf Cart

Choosing a Golf Cart

It seems like you can’t make a purchase these days without having a decision tree to scale. Should you buy used or new? What color? Should you customize? You’ll have to make these decisions if you’re buying a house, a car, or a golf cart. Here are two of the main decisions you’ll have to make when deciding on your next golf cart.

1-Gas or Electric?

As with many purchases, there are pros and cons to every option, and the best choice is often a matter of personal preference. Gasoline is less environmentally-friendly, but a full tank will likely last longer than a battery charge. A battery charge will create a greener and barely audible ride but when the charge runs out, your cart may be out of commission for several hours during the recharge.

2- New or Used?

One of the main benefits of a new golf cart is the chance that your purchase comes with a warranty. However, you might find a quality used cart for a fortunate price, but you will want to apply more extensive testing of steering and inspection of tires.

Making the right decision on the type of golf cart that suits your needs may involve a little research. Click here to learn more on what to look for when choosing a golf cart battery in Escondido.


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